Mr. Obiora Okwudili, B.A. (Hons) E.M., BSc. I.t., dip eng.

p: +44 (0) 782 6425382 |

Key words:DATA ENTRY, HTML, JavaScript, Database, Digital Design, UI / UX, UML, DSL, Development, Content management, Printing, Publishing, Art worker, Costing / Evaluation,  First Line Support, Networking, Electronics Engineer, Electronics Repair, ICT, Information Technology / Clerical.


A skilled and dedicated junior employee experienced in Information Technology with a specialisation in user design / analysis and development – knowledge of electronic media, repair and 1st line support for home and office networks.


Professional Experience and Accomplishments

Sept. 2009 – PresentWork Initiatives and Career Renewal through Study

Insight into professional sector employment, paid and volunteer initiative in research, design, development and study plus pro-active analysis, design and copyedit online for personal projects During this time, I think I have put to good use insight acquired through additional vocational study; orienting aims and objectives towards better attainment of problem solving and leadership skills.

October – November 2014(1 month)

Amazon UK


Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom



Critical evaluation of process and practice, using required ‘interface’ which shows accessed required components which formed provisional framework. Implementing a systematic search using conversant practice, proving / disproving expected outcomes using provided interface.


How are existing employers to attract interest from their marketplace, leveraging capabilities of existing employees; offering a comprehensive package of volunteering, apprenticeship, training and independence. Empowering potential candidates to compete, bringing insight and experience back into the workplace.


I.t. consultant / assistant for work project. Projects involved costing and assistance in the installation of networks, plus the maintenance of existing systems.


Ongoing p/t. study for vocational certification


31stJuly 2009 – Nov. 2012 Voluntary and Vocational

Vocational and voluntary work experience plus initiatives to gain employment, one of which was the establishment of my own marketing, design / development and research venture providing a basis for education, training – using research study to pitch for grant opportunities in preparation for full time higher education or vocational apprenticeships. Other initiatives include volunteering at NEC Birmingham World Skills Show, which gave me the opportunity to hone communicative, verbal and knowledge bases in marketing the fares activities to both able bodied and disabled visitors.


August 2001 – March 2002Public Relations, Print Company

Design Assistant / Art-worker

Responsible for art working and minor online updates aswell as consultation; art working mainly involving checking of layouts, re-organisation of old cases and ISDNing working to print.


March 2001 – May 2001Marketing, Print and Advertising Company


Reporting to senior Designer, responsible for project pitches and conceptualisation of onscreen media and content


November 2000 – February 2001Print, Marketing and Web Design Company

Design Assistant

Reporting to fellow design staff and design partners; responsible for up-keep of existing sites – such as ‘Ora Dental’ and their attributed content, in intermediary trying out conceptualisation and general administration of print / repro files on storage media.


August 1999 – October 2000Internet Applications / Software Firm


Reporting to Senior Designer and Head of Design – responsible for conceptualisation, re – brands of electronic media; corporate clients such as:‘GEC’, ‘Marconi’, ‘Autoglass’ and many others. Liaising with developers during design and conceptualisation of front end / interfaced database systems.


July 1998 – August 1999Digital Media Firm – since dissolved

Interactive Designer

Reporting to MD and studio producer, responsible for conceptualisation which helped in the acquisition of business which included well known brands – such as ‘The Post Office’, ‘Marriot Hotels’, ‘Nottingham museums’,’archive facilities’ and ‘Grupo-Griffols (Spain)’. Other responsibilities included the maintenance of existing media and finalisation of legacy projects.




Initiative with motivation and objective: experience of targeted marketing, ability to communicate information in succinct manner – soft selling. Turning theories into actionable realities and solutions in the field of ICT / Networking.


Collaborative approach, team working abilities:Either proactive sales, marketing or voluntary – knowledge and application of communication, negotiation and focused abilities. Always able to cover shifts for fellow employees at short notice able to work in a variety of employment roles, including administrative, advertising and sales. Working on own initiative, provided focus to workforce.


Professional development: Always looking to add value to any employment role, taking own initiative to attend various vocational / professional courses.


Focus and determination: Formal training in creative industries, encompassing the use of digital media in its infancy – through to the present day. Building on skills, with the focus of adding value and real application to Information technology and its resources.


·IT-specific skills:

1.I.T. – data analytical, planning, design and interaction skills

2.Data logging and reporting – averaging about 60 WPM

3.Research skills, able to provide intermediate I.T. support


Focus, progression, new ideas, perspectives with the aptitude and training to build on skills in support of your companies objectives. Efficiency, able to work independently if required, both organised and structured – aptitude, able to appreciate and self manage in an adaptive environment. Knowledge bases, research, design, development, repair and installation – involved in a varying array of projects and commissions, appreciative of other aspects including management of I.T. projects, working in an inter-disciplined team, able to consolidate abilities to achieve objectives.


With a degree in electronic media and a bachelor of science in Information Technology and Communications, objectives have shifted from just creative, interaction or even programming – realising the potential of technology and how it could be put to better use.


Education and Professional Training

Middlesex University, School of Computer Science / Engineering:BSc. I.t. and Communications

Staffordshire University, School of Design: BA (Hons) Design Electronic Media / Graphics

London Electronics College:  BTEC Dip. Eng – Electronic Engineering level 2

*References available upon request 

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