Java Threads

Development of classes to perform explicit locks, condition variables, thread pooling & task scheduling. Functionality, built into core ‘J2SE 5.0’.

Theoretical application;

..fundamentals of data structures plus how to apply traditional maths to these constructors – purpose of ‘Object Oriented Analysis’ and its use during interpretation.

Paradigms and the written word..

Key Themes:

  • Declarative sentences
  • Natural Deduction
  • Propositional Logic as a formal language
  • Multithreading in Java & C++
  • Developer shells and api’s
  • Open Platforms and Object Oriented Programming
  • Multi-core chips and their families plus runtime analysis
  • Sourcecode – thread pools, concurrency and efficiency

Associated topics:

  • Memory management
  • Coding Techniques
  • Test Scripts
Java Threads

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