Review of internet Protocols, the theoretical

Reviewing, an introduction to beep – persistent connections with multiple exchanges occuring serially over a single connection. Unicast applications connection-oriented models using domain name system managing name-to-address resolution.

Scheduling systems, protocols and their paradigms, the implementation and function of ad-hoc security models re-application of session concepts series, logic of managing multiple session states.

Review of internet Protocols, the theoretical

2 thoughts on “Review of internet Protocols, the theoretical

  1. […] Open agnostics (original abstract from dotD3v3l@pm3nt) Convergence and its role in SEO arbitration, fiscal interests communicated through live forums (pull media). Pathways for discussion, trade business and industry, plus its re – representation using open agnostics – laws surrounding open source distribution & communication over telecoms e.g. non – dedicated lines

    …Reference to earlier posts: #24.06.10: BlogSpot6, methodologies for the design of soft systems for generations x, y & z, #01.06.10: BlogSpot6, Cloud Computing & its components..,#26.05.10: BlogSpot6, Review of Protocols..

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