Revenue, the future of social networking

What’s required and what is not, it’s primary objectives, application to this day and potential.

Mainstream providers their approach and a rise in expectations of the sector in which it exists, closed communities online plus the objectives of SEO which is wielded by established groups.

Revenue, the future of social networking

One thought on “Revenue, the future of social networking

  1. Advertising and its methods and approaches towards creating revenue, bringing into doubt the success of CPM / CPC. Instead looking to favor the inception of third parties, their distinct lack of interest in the groups therefore the markets they introduce themselves to.

    The division of opinion, non-objectifying instead guiding opinion without proper consideration for what the pay-off should have been by this point in time. Negating important milestones in either education, experience or finance, to the advantage of the consumer or advertiser – a block queuing of individual insight without progression

    Reference future posts: generics / agnostics

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