Open agnostics (original abstract from dotD3v3l@pm3nt)

Convergence and its role in SEO arbitration, fiscal interests communicated through live forums (pull media). Pathways for discussion, trade business and industry, plus its re – representation using open agnostics – laws surrounding open source distribution

Reference to earlier posts:

Further reference, reply to BlogSpot6 – #28.08.10: Marketing pathways: dictating your own objectives on an open market – aka Sports arbitrage, Exchange Traded Funds, execution and leg risk

Future objectives, topics of interest / relevance;

  1. DOI, patent and copyright
  2. Consumers marketplace, monopolies & unfair competition
  3. Taxation, Inflation, domains and trade routes
  4. Networks, telecommunication routes
  5. Dedicated links extranets spanning PAN’s & WAN’s
  6. International, national and Near field radio broadcast(DAB)
  7. Push subscriber(synchronous) and pull on demand(asynchronous) technologies
  8. Licensing & press links, advertising, informatics and validity of content
Open agnostics (original abstract from dotD3v3l@pm3nt)

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