Continued research – parts of the process

Background research, review of preservation literature – plus requirements elicitation, analysis and negotiation.


Specification’s and costing, analysis of requirements using digital techniques – taking account of resources, process and costing, listing archival knowledge, production success and excess eventual receiver.

Revenue streams: requirements analyses plus interpretation of fiscal and social themes

Original intent: In retrospect of art and its uses, frameworks, application and re-use – detailed top-down list of specifications and standards.

Future focus: Cross party interests, and collaboration – educational and government institutions

Continued research – parts of the process

One thought on “Continued research – parts of the process

  1. Just looking up the Net cost benefits of the national collection;

    * NPV (net present value)
    * PVB (present value of benefits)
    * PVC (present value of costs)
    * BCR (benefit cost ratio = PVB / PVC)
    * Net benefit (= PVB – PVC)
    * NPV/k (where k is the level of funds available)

    or people’s continued speculation on their survival..

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