Browse…do I know you?

Because I spend every waking hour…?

Browse…do I know you?

3 thoughts on “Browse…do I know you?

  1. Juggling debt..

    The realization that spread betting isn’t actually a smart way of making money fast, instead a reality of Limited Liability Companies buying and selling peoples debt fast before they realise. Not that anyone is able to share in the profits, unless they are within their demarcation.

    Convertible debentures, which are convertible bonds or bonds that can be converted into equity shares of the issuing company after a predetermined period of time.


    is a feature that corporations may add to the bonds they issue to make them more attractive to buyers. In other words, it is a special feature that a corporate bond may carry. As a result of the advantage a buyer gets from the ability to convert; convertible bonds typically have lower interest rates than non-convertible corporate bonds.

    Perspectives: from spread-bet to shares or even valuation / devaluation of equity, whilst their sat on, the accessibility of share dealing from the high street – offers nothing (-£50) apart from the assurance that insiders are able to eliminate risk through advertising to more of the general public inviting a share of the risk which would otherwise be theirs.

    Things do not move that fast: trade moves faster than the options – network doesn’t work..

  2. Starting earlier

    Small ventures, and incentive schemes – turning grants, not just for Postgraduate opportunities into investitures

    The Secretary of State has announced that the Government will introduce a new Enterprise scheme..

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