Sub: Residual Attempts @ Tax

At the risk of becoming an Ebay, not for profit super re-seller..yet more attempts at Residual Incomes; originally posted and bulletined #16.07.2011.

Sub: Residual Attempts @ Tax

2 thoughts on “Sub: Residual Attempts @ Tax

  1. Interesting article, thought i’d share – although uses metaphoric predictions – still very much impacts on macro-economy…

    ..Recent campaigns against “rumour mongering” through social media will also inhibit short selling strategies that rely on the dissemination of negative reports about companies online in order to drive their stock prices down…investors remain highly suspicious of reports of insider trading and other forms of market manipulation by brokerages and other market players using derivatives, and deep government involvement in the operation of many major listed firms adds another layer of opacity to the market

    In particular, claims that incurring higher overheads and leaving interests to go dormant was a better option or one to be highlighted especially as their assets lay empty – the opening up of unvetted domestic trade routes seen by many as an opportunity to raise inflation – pandering to vast pool’s of private equity and the risk takers it brings, the deminishing of opportunities for even standard growth..making people re-think their medium to long-term objectives..

    Trust networks..

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