Quantitative Research..

Quantitative research on news sources confirms the qualitative conclusions, that nearly half the front page stories (domestic and foreign) in certain press runs have been found to originate from officials

(Sigal, 1987)

The quality of a story’s sources affects its news value. The more elite the source, the more newsworthy the story. The converse is also true. Exposure as a news source reinforces the sources authority as well as reflecting it. It is in a journalists interests to present cited news sources in the most authoritative light..once in a story, a journalist inserted into each of his first few paragraphs a fresh piece of evidence expanding on his sources credentials. By the third such qualification, the technique read like a parody – the journalist ‘protested too much’.

There is said to be a close relationship between authority as a source and standing as a newsmaker (Sigal 1987), the ideal news source is also a news actor, someone who’s words make news..how stories label news actors illuminates news values. News stories do not take time out to describe their characters, the face-to-face narrator may introduce his story with whole sentences of description and characterization. The news story characterizes its actors in passing, within the flow of telling the action. Many commentators have pointed out the significance of how news actors are labelled – particularly evident in situations of conflict..if conflict resolution is/was their covering role..

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Quantitative Research..