Costing / Estimates

Professional Sector – I.t. Part-time or contract work estimates;

@ a rate of, from the minimum wage bracket for this sector £7.00 through to £10.00 per hr.

Giving a guarantee to offer the same or better over existing staffing, by reducing costs and meeting employer demands through employment share schemes – filling for sick, maternity leave, retirement or outsourcing delays following end of employment for permanent staffers.

@ An average earnings set @ between £112 to £160 per wk. before percentage tax and N.I. contributions into consideration as a self employed opportunity negotiable prior to working agreement.


Taking influenced from COCE – Cost of Capital employed with overheads of redundancy, additional financing including tax and contribution laws. Reviewing the alternatives to a slow moving and overly competitive recruiter process, an increase in employer uncertainty with no real guarantee of long to medium term employment – turning instead to a comprehensive perspective of the self – employed and self employment – managing administrable, contractual and legal obligations with or as part of individual abilities and work schemes such as a percentage cut in default rates meeting shortfalls created through efforts to reduce overheads by major employers of existing full-time staff, through making available overtime at a reduced rates, introduction of work share schemes under temporary contract.


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