Currently undertaking research into Information System,Semiotic Theory (BioCommunication), Information theory and Data Communications by way of foundation studies for either a Msc / Mphil in Information Systems / Application Development. *subject to funding & sponsorship

Summarization of past, current and future expansive experience;

Literature research skills, Heutagogical review plus knowledge of analysis and technical enquiry, Intermediate (3 – 4 years), academic(acknowledged), online editorial(still learning) Software Development Fundamentals – Intermediate (3 – 4 years) Understanding of OOD, OOP and their use in the development of applications plus theoretical knowledge of procedural languages such as Prolog. Reporting Research Results – Intermediate (3 – 4 years) Academic Research, Reporting & Statistical Analysis, Internet Research Skills – Intermediate (3 – 4 years) Active blogger, tertiary knowledge of SEO and their capabilities, tertiary data analysis and project management / software lifecycles their paradigms, basic to intermediate programming and problem solving skills in addition to referential understanding of browser capabilities – Intermediate (2 – 3 years) although actively seeking to develop further.

  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Paradigms of lateral computing
  • Data models

Aspect Oriented Programming

  • Type / Sub – typing
  • Pollymorphism
  • Generic individual components

Runtime Modelling

  • Type polymorphism
  • Parametric polymorphism
  • Code libraries & their interpretation

Development Cycles

  • Service implementation
  • Service to worker patterns
  • Compiling design patterns

Client Tiers

  • Front controller pattern
  • Decorator pattern

Web Applications Developer

a.k.a. e-Commerce Applications Support Developer, e-Commerce Support Engineer, Internet Applications Support Developer, Jr. Web Applications Developer, Web Applications Support Developer, Web Developer – Junior.

Related Career Snapshots;

  1. Ecommerce Functional Analyst
  2. Ecommerce Functional Architect
  3. Ecommerce Integration Consultant
  4. Ecommerce Intelligence Consultant
  5. Information Architect
  6. HTML Developer
  7. Java Architect
  8. Java Developer


Action Oriented, Coordination, Developing Creative Standards, Documentation Skills, Independence, Multimedia Content Development, Presentation Skills, Quality Focus, Software Architecture, Software Debugging, Software Development Fundamentals, Software Development Process, Software Documentation, Thoroughness, Time Management, Understanding Browser Capabilities, Verbal Communication, Web Multimedia Knowledge, Web Savvy, Written Communication


Two degrees..




2 thoughts on “Objectives

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    CIW Web Developer Certification
    The CIW Web Developer Exam (1D0-532) has been retired, as of October 31, 2006. As a result, no further certifications will be issued after this date. Previously awarded certifications will remain valid indefinitely.

    CIW Web Developers create and maintain Web applications through programming, scripting and/or server administration. This certification validates the skills and knowledge required to assemble and maintain Java-based Web applications. Web Developers focus on the business-requirements aspect of the application development cycle.

    CIW Web Developer
    The Web Developer exam validates skills in using development tools to assemble J2EE-centric Web solutions consisting of thin-client Web applications that interact with business services, databases and Web services. Skills include writing application control logic, writing application display logic, utilizing business services and exposing application components using business services. Once you become a CIW web developer you will have passed an essential exam for IBM’s Certified Solutions Developer — WebSphere Studio v5.0.

    Target Audience The CIW Web Developer certification is ideal for software developers and application programmers.
    Job Responsibilities As a member of a development team, a CIW Web Developer is responsible for implementing the front end of the system’s architecture.


    range of courses offered through reedlearning on behalf of ciwcertified

    Although @ £200 plus a pop, most people between employment may find them costly especially without being a recognized qualification.

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