Skills Assessment


You are currently out of work but are interested in exploring other job options that suit your skills and interests. You have identified that you are between 31 and 50, so you may have been in the job market for some time and be looking for ways to increase your earning potential or perhaps want to make a career change.

Skills: *Categorised by Data Sets

You also tend to enjoy routine and are able to evaluate and organise facts or data about goods and services. These are highly valued skills in the labour market and as a result there are a wide range occupations available to you at all levels.

People who have a high score in DATA skills typically enjoy working with figures and systems.

Your high score in ARTISTIC interest indicates a preference for activities with an artistic focus. For people who score high in this group of interests, language, art, music, drama and writing hold some importance and they tend to be creative, expressive and somewhat independent. They like to be CREATIVE when they solve problems.


  • Administrative and Clerical
  • Info Technology & Info Management
  • Management and Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing, Selling and Advertising


  • Publishing and Journalism
  • Performing Arts, Broadcast and Media
  • Arts, Crafts and Design

KEY SKILLS *as result of analysis

  • DEVELOP IDEAS I can work creatively to develop new ideas.
  • ANALYSE I can sort through information or facts to find answers.
  • DIAGNOSE I like finding out what makes something succeed or fail.
  • READ FACTS When I read I can identify important facts.
  • RESEARCH I know how to find information to help me or others make a decision.
  • MENTAL ARITHMETIC I can add, take away, divide and multiply numbers in my head.
  • ORGANISE I can classify and rearrange information.
  • DESIGN THINGS I can draw up plans and design things.
  • INSIGHT I have the ability to see things the way they could be.
  • WORK CREATIVELY I can sometimes think of solutions that others have not thought of.
  • WRITE I can express my thoughts in writing.
  • READ FOR IDEAS I can read a book or articles and find good ideas in them.
  • COLOURS I can tell what colours will go together well.
  • INNOVATIVE I am good at working with new ideas and putting them into practice.


I like going to the cinema, the theatre or art galleries.

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