Dimensions of communication

Random extract;

Interpretation, the application of terms their sequence, comprehension;

“..delving beneath the surface narrative to pull out the conceptual core. Written language, James Gleicks’ explains, did not simply permit us to make thoughts permanent – it changed thinking itself, enabling abstraction and logical reasoning. Language is a negotiation whose currency is information. A child learning to read is not simply turning letters into words, rather is learning how to exploit the redundancies in the system”, (p. #47, 2011), The meaning of life in bits and bytes.

Dimensions of communication

Continued research – parts of the process

Background research, review of preservation literature – plus requirements elicitation, analysis and negotiation.


Specification’s and costing, analysis of requirements using digital techniques – taking account of resources, process and costing, listing archival knowledge, production success and excess eventual receiver.

Revenue streams: requirements analyses plus interpretation of fiscal and social themes

Original intent: In retrospect of art and its uses, frameworks, application and re-use – detailed top-down list of specifications and standards.

Future focus: Cross party interests, and collaboration – educational and government institutions

Continued research – parts of the process

CPC/ CPM and approaches to MLM

Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing, direct selling, and referral marketing), is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

Risk and unsure starts

They go on to question the relevance of product placement plus the level of compensation in, as they term it, their multi-level compensation business which does not determine whether or not their plan is considered a janitor / pyramid scheme.

Future focus: noting the returns on small ownerships and their initial investments – industry sectors (print to digital and sourcing a more productive less risky approach)

The critical question for the FTC is whether the revenues that primarily support the commissions paid to all participants are generated from purchases of goods and services that are not simply incidental to the purchase of the right to participate in a money-making venture

Scheibeler, a high level “Emerald” Amway member: “UK Justice Norris found in 2008 that out of an IBO [Independent Business Owners] population of 33,000, ‘only about 90 made sufficient incomes to cover the costs of actively building their business.’ That’s a 99.7 percent loss rate for investors.”

Newsweek: based on Mona Vie’s own 2007 income disclosure statement “fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week.”

Relevant / irrelevant

From spread-bets to penny stocks, and college to graduate employment or incentive schemes;

Business Students Focus on Ethics: “In the USA, the average annual income from MLM for 90% MLM members is no more than US $5,000, which is far from being a sufficient means of making a living (San Lian Le Weekly 1998)”

CPC/ CPM and approaches to MLM

Financial, Legal and Ethical approaches to information sharing

Review of opportunities for educational sponsorship by industry / commerce;

  • Revised view point on Information ethics
  • DOI / patents and communication / organisation and distribution of ideas
  • Duality, structured and dynamic data for media markets/
  • Legislation on digital plagiarism..

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Financial, Legal and Ethical approaches to information sharing

Open agnostics (original abstract from dotD3v3l@pm3nt)

Convergence and its role in SEO arbitration, fiscal interests communicated through live forums (pull media). Pathways for discussion, trade business and industry, plus its re – representation using open agnostics – laws surrounding open source distribution

Reference to earlier posts:

Further reference, reply to BlogSpot6 – #28.08.10: Marketing pathways: dictating your own objectives on an open market – aka Sports arbitrage, Exchange Traded Funds, execution and leg risk

Future objectives, topics of interest / relevance;

  1. DOI, patent and copyright
  2. Consumers marketplace, monopolies & unfair competition
  3. Taxation, Inflation, domains and trade routes
  4. Networks, telecommunication routes
  5. Dedicated links extranets spanning PAN’s & WAN’s
  6. International, national and Near field radio broadcast(DAB)
  7. Push subscriber(synchronous) and pull on demand(asynchronous) technologies
  8. Licensing & press links, advertising, informatics and validity of content
Open agnostics (original abstract from dotD3v3l@pm3nt)